Yousaf Shah, Data Therapy

Yousaf Shah

Managing Director, DataTherapy
Displaying allergens on food labelling is a hot topic at the moment. Following the allergen-related death of a Pret customer, the eating out sector has pledged to learn from this tragedy. Yousaf will thus address how operators are managing data on allergens.

Yousaf is a 30-plus year veteran of FileMaker and started his computing career long before that in 1980. He was affectionately known at the time as the ‘Whiz Kid’ and by the time FileMaker was released in the mid ’80s Yousaf had been through programming languages such as machine code, assembler, BASIC, PASCAL and FORTH, attending computer clubs, university meet-ups (whilst still at school) and helping local businesses put their computers to practical use. After leaving University, he founded MacTherapy in 1991, which later became DataTherapy in 1995 and has managed the company through to the present day by constant innovation and reinvention, always focussing on the ethos of helping businesses solve problems with technology. A regular speaker at UK FileMaker Events and Developer Conferences, Yousaf is well respected in the FileMaker community and is known for his ‘Keep it Simple’ mantra as well as his deep knowledge of all things related to multi-user business systems and the cloud.


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