The next Hostech Conference will take place on 30 January 2019. Tickets are now available to purchase online or from Ubaidah Abowath on 01293 846606 or Ubaidah.Abowath@mca‑


2019 speakers confirmed so far:

Stephanie Lloyd, NWTC New World Trading Company

Stephanie Lloyd, marketing director, New World Trading Company

Stephanie will discuss how New World Trading Company has stayed ahead of the pack with its digital innovation, both in terms of internal communication and customer-facing tech.

Joost Boer, BigDish BigDish

Joost Boer, global CEO, BigDish

The global CEO of the listed yield management platform BigDish will discuss the growing importance of variable pricing strategies in the eating out sector and how operators can maximise profitability at each day-part.

Chloe Combi, Zed Zed

Chloe Combi, co-founder, Zed

Chloe will be sharing insights from Zed’s report on how Generation Z interacts with technology

Nadia El Hadery, YFood Yfood

Nadia El Hadery, CEO & founder, YFood

YFood is a platform for innovators in food tech – Nadia will give her take on the latest developments in the disruptive and rapidly progressive field.

David Abrahamovitch, Grind Grind

David Abrahamovitch, CEO & founder, Grind

Grind founder David Abrahamovitch began his career in tech, building web platform, and going on to open his debut coffee shop on London’s silicon roundabout. Known for its savvy social media, crowdfunding campaigns, and blending of coffee, cocktail, food and music, David will share the latest digital developments at Grind, as it brings its highly sought after model to travel hubs in partnership with SSP.

Rebecca Wetten, Karma Karma

Rebecca Wetten, head of cafes, restaurants & hotels for the UK at Karma

Karma is a Sweden-founded app that connects consumers with discounted surplus food from restaurants. Rebecca will highlight some of the challenges in solving the food waste conundrum as the company rolls out in the UK.

Simon Iddon, Hostech 2019  

Simon Iddon, former CIO at The Restaurant Group and now working with various sector leaders


Gary Goodman, Yumpingo Yumpingo

Gary Goodman, CEO & founder, Yumpingo


Tom Weaver, CEO, Flyt Flyt

Tom Weaver, CEO, Flyt



More speakers to be confirmed shortly.